Wooden house set
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Wooden house set

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Суриков Александр Николаевич
Суриков А.Н., ИП,  Чехов (Моск), RU
на Флагма с 15 февраля 2017


We offer wooden house sets ready for installation.
Size of profiled beam: 90x145; 145x145; 145x185; 185x185mm
Moisture: natural /semi dry/ kiln dried
We can prepare the set in accordance with your draft or prepare a project in accordance with your desire.
You can take and pay your order from warehouse in Czech Republic or we can deliver directly to your place.
Please contact us without hesitate

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Суриков А.Н., ИП,  Чехов (Моск), RU
на Флагма с 15 февраля 2017

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