Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette
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Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette

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Бакун Вадим
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Sell Pini-Kay fuel briquette.
This product is considered as a type of solid fuel produced by the method of pressing wood raw materials at high temperature and pressure, and is the best of these types of solid fuel.
Binding components are not used in the production process; as a result, it is possible to obtain an environmentally friendly product that does not emit substances harmful to human health while its storage and direct use.
Also this product is characterized by low humidity, easy to set on fire and high heat dissipation.
Own production, facing, 4-faced!
Briquettes are made of alder or pine and are suitable for any heating system.
Packing: packs of briquettes of 10 kg, 3x4 pcs.
On the pallet there are 96 packs (stacked in rows), covered with packing tape and stretch film for stability
Prices, terms of payment and delivery are discussed individually with each customer.

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