Oil fish
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Oil fish

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Libert Vladimir
IVI Group, OÜ,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 27 мая 2019


All fish meal is processed using an indirect drying method. Slow drying of the product is critical to producing highly digestible fish meal. Protein has long been the standard for determining the value of fish meal, however protein is only a partial sign of quality.
Feed recipe specialists know that digestible protein units
are the key to nutrition and measure of value. Our suppliers exclusively use vessels with modern refrigerated cargo holds for delivering fresh fish to the plant where it is processed immediately,
using the European indirect drying system developed by Hetland Corporation.

Fish meal, protein content 72%.
Universal protein supplement for chickens, pigs, eels and shrimps.
It is a nutritious universal fish meal product that is suitable for a wide
spectrum of animal species. Possessing high biological value, it provides the best feed utilization and better economy.

• Animals achieve a high daily increase due to the significant content
Amino Acids in a Healthy Balanced Feed Mix.
• Particularly suitable for laying hens as an important source of protein in the production of hatching eggs.
• For pigs and pregnant sows.
mineral content leads to an increase of litter`s volume, better vitality and good fertility. It is also a good food for eels and shrimps:
easy digestibility increases daily growth. Guaranteed does not contain salmonella.

Protein 70-72%
Fat Max 12%
Water Max 10%
Salt Max 1-7%
Ash 10-18%
Antioxidant added during production

Protein 68%
Moisture Max 10.0%
Fat Max 10.0%
Ash 10-16%
Salt (NaCl) Max 1-7%
Salmonella Not detected
Antioxidant added during production

Fish meal, protein content 65-68% Approved as an organic protein supplement in soil. Nutritious fish meal for organic salmon production.
Used, among other things, in one of the most quality-oriented and
consumer-oriented salmon industry. The closest in composition to natural salmon food in taste and nutritious qualities. Made from whole herring and herring waste - in full compliance requirements of sustainability and welfare of animals. Added natural antioxidants
make an ideal protein supplement in a well balanced and organic feed
mixes. • Approved as a soil additive in the UK and France. Guaranteed without Salmonella.

Protein 62-65%
Water Max 10%
Fat Max 12%
Salt Max 1-7%
Antioxidant added during production
Delivery conditions: EXW Tallinn – 680 EUR/tn

• It is an essential element in energy-rich feed.

Free Fatty Acids 7%
Iodine Value 140-190
Unsaponifiable matter 1-3%
Moisture & Impurities <1%
Antioxidants are added as required
Delivery conditions: EXW Tallinn – 1380 EUR/tn

We create and produce special products to order, which correspond to
individual needs. All competencies and values in terms of sustainability, traceability, environmental and energy awareness, food safety and quality assurance are respected for all special products. In the laboratory and production facilities, we can optimize all the details of all product parameters so that the current specialized product accurately achieves the desired qualities. An effective control system guarantees that all products, including specialized products, are 100% compliant with the agreed specifications. As an additional security, we send sealed samples of all materials for possible subsequent

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IVI Group, OÜ,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 27 мая 2019

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