Charcoal (mixed and hardwood)
Charcoal (mixed and hardwood) - фото 1 Charcoal (mixed and hardwood) - фото 2 Charcoal (mixed and hardwood) - фото 3 Charcoal (mixed and hardwood) - фото 4 Charcoal (mixed and hardwood) - фото 5 Charcoal (mixed and hardwood) - фото 6 Charcoal (mixed and hardwood) - фото 7
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Charcoal (mixed and hardwood)

оптовая цена
от 400 /тонна, мин. 10 т
Условия поставки: FCA Минск
Кривец Геннадий
на Флагма с 1 июня 2016


Our charcoal produced from hard/mixed/soft high quality wood. The pallets can be packed with plastic wrap. It is possible to pack in customer packages, polypropylene bags of 10 kg. We produced over 420 tons per month. Product cerfitied for EU. Looking for long term contracts.

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